Friday, September 7, 2012

The Sun Also Rises

Continuing my own personal series on the work of Ernest Hemingway with The Sun Also Rises.
J.S. Bach / Yngwie Malmsteen

Client: Total Guitar

When I got the call to do a full page portrait of Bach as Yngwie, I thought to myself "I am doing something right with branding". It's a fine day when you can find any excuse to draw a guitar on fire with a dragon. The illustration is for a guitar tab of Bach- Badinerie. Thanks to Leanne Ohara for giving me the call to do this awesome subject!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Survey Says: trying to figure out what to focus on

Survey Says: trying to figure out what to focus on

Proud to say that I got the opportunity to do a piece for the Aug Plansponser Magazine. To make it even more memorable it’s an issue with a cover by Marcos Chin, amazingly talented Illustrator and a former professor of mine.

I cannot begin to describe how refreshing it was to get to do an illustration that wasn't revolving around human figure and interactions.

Thanks to AD SooJin Buzelli!

( Ink and Charcoal )

The original version I sent was a bit on the darker side with the expression etc but I think it came together very nicely in the final.  It was a really nice challenge to finish this illustration as a lighter and happier image without losing my own personal touch.