Friday, August 3, 2012

Gymnasts versus Swimmers for Grantland

I've been fortunate enough to get the call to do a few Illustrations in the last 2 weeks for Grantland.
I did this one this week for an article by Bill Simmons titled

"The London Chronicles, Vol. 3: The Dr. Jack Breakdown (Swimming vs. Gymnastics)"

My frist thought with an assignment like this was, " THISSS IS GOING TO BE FUN".I've been illustrating with NBC on tuned to the Olympics all week and my basic cable has been mostly getting swimming and gymnastics all week so this was just perfect.

  My second thought was that it was really important to me to make it dynamic and crazy while still being focused.  This was my first assignment to final in 24 hours, and I did not want haste in anyway to cause the final product to suffer.

Here's a link to the great article on the Grantland Homepage right now
I'm also lucky enough to have a thumbnail of my illustration on!!!

Thanks to AD Juliet Litman for the great assignments, and thanks to Bill Simmons for the awesome article!
and a special thanks to Mickey Duzyj for pointing Grantland in my direction.