Thursday, March 8, 2012

"Bid-ness as usual" Time Out Chicago

I did this piece last week for Time Out Chicago on the uneventful end of the police auctions in the Chicago area.

Really fast turn around, and I had a blast working on it.
Thanks to AD Josh Engleman

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rooney Mara ( + process )

I decided I'd post a little process for this one because lately trying to explain how I end up doing things confuses even me.  I chose to do this as one of the portraits because I thought it would be more of a challenge for me to draw her like this, and well more interesting.  I'd rather be drawing a girl with bleached eyebrows and tons of metal in her face than a pin up any day.

(Charcoal, Ink) 

I don't have any process shots of the actual drawing stage, but I normally use a yellow erasable colored pencil to block everything out then I'll go over that with a blue mechanical pencil before I ink it.  I just find this helps me separate the blacks easier once I bring it on the computer.  Saves me from a ton of gross graphite smears too.  I have a tendency to add more lines than I need to faces because it's easier to take them out than it is for me to put them in later.

So because it's a likeness the first thing I did when I got it in photoshop was a bit of plastic surgery and scribbled in some values on the face as a rough to make sure something wasn't terribly off.  Once I've sorted that out I move onto the print outs.

(Graphite wash, Ink, Charcoal)

I'm not working on any sort of really special paper, just something thick enough to hold a wash.
I really enjoy working like this because it gives me the ability to nitpick and the mental freedom of working on something that isn't precious.

Combine them all and with a bit of luck..

Some Doodles

Apologies for the lack of updates lately.  The work is still going and going.. ( never stopping ) but I just haven't had as much to say.

Anyway, many more updates to come.