Sunday, May 29, 2011

Basketball Ink

I remember growing up seeing Dennis Rodman on TV in like 1995, was like witnessing a circus act.  Between all the tattooed the colorful hair and the piercings, Rodman really took the public by surprise.

Flash to 2011 and I've come to realize an incredibly large amount of professional basketball players are very heavily tattooed. Example: Lebron James, take a closer look instead of that zoomed out perspective most sports are watched in.  James actually has thousands of dollars of tattoos on him, even more than Rodman.

I guess this trend came along with all the of rappers and other musicians doing the same recently.  I just found it interesting that the trend silently slipped in, partly because of the lack of color work in the tattoos, which makes them less noticeable and well the lack of brightly colored hair probably helps too.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Chris Osgood

Since I was a kid I always loved hockey goalie helmets.  Although more recently baseball catchers helmets have featured some art, I still find the goalie helmet to be unique to professional sports.  While the rest of the team is in fairly generic uniforms, the goalies stand out with these brightly painted war helmets.  The first in my series is fairly simple and they will get more complex and over the top as I continue this summer.

I started my series of NHL goalie "war helmet" portraits with Chris Osgood of the Detroit Red Wings. I'll always remember his helmet because it was the exception to the rule.  His helmet is plain, and rather than setting him apart from his team, I always found it set him apart from the rest of the goalies.  It gave me the impression of being just one of the soldiers.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sketchbook Page


I wanted to do a piece based on the book American Hardcore : A Tribal History.  The First thing that really struck me was the word tribal, I think it perfectly fits the subculture that I've been fortunate enough to grow up being a part of.

Because the book is a pretty loose history covering many bands and aspects I didn't want to focus in on any single person or band.

  Instead the main thing I wanted to convey was that this group of people became united through alienation in one way or another from mainstream society and the feeling of anger and frustration towards it.