Friday, November 11, 2011

Tom Waits for Ammo mag

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Dave from Ammo Magazine to participate in their Black and White issue being put together.  Initially I was excited but a bit stumped as to what to do in black and white.  I had a list of illustrations I wanted to do in queue, but they either heavily depended on color or I worried they might not really connect with Ammo's UK audience.  Eventually I decided to do a painting I had done in the past of Tom Waits as a drawing so it could fit into my portfolio.  I ended up finishing this one with a mix of ink wash, a bit of charcoal and digital.

The majority of my Illustration tends to be extremely bright and vibrant. The challenge of doing a black and white piece for Ammo presented an opportunity to push myself past my prior limitations when it comes to the use of value, and to refine my additions of texture. I quickly found that my work in black and white required a more subtle balance to create atmosphere, and I look forward to bringing more of that into my color work in the future.

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