Tuesday, October 25, 2011


So the November issue of Mountain Biking UK is finally on the stands, complete with an illustration from yours truly.  MBUK contacted me a few months back to start work on some monthly illustrations for their "What happens when..." column.  Featuring an article on things that go wrong with bikes and even our own bodies, when you're out there on the trails.  It's been a blast working on these so far, the subject matter matter is always right down my alley.

This month's subject was "Why the hell do I have crunchy gears?"
They pitched a pretty clear idea and angle of the bike they wanted, the gear cassette turning into more organic teeth and munching on the chain.  Needless to say I was thrilled to draw something like this.  I particularly enjoyed the idea of a metal chain grinding through teeth because just thinking about it triggers a sound effect in my brain that gives me the same kind of anxiety I feel when there's something wrong switching bike gears.

Here's my 3 sketch Ideas!


I got the go ahead to start on the first version, here's the final along with the Tear Sheet from November's issue!

Huge thanks to James Blackwell ( Art Director of MBUK ) for all the help from start to finish each month.  With his guidance it's really been smooth sailing with every assignment!

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