Sunday, October 16, 2011

More Penguins!! ( Crosby )

So in the start of the year I had done a portrait of Sidney Crosby, depicting him holding rabbits feet up as a faux mustache.  I had been meaning to redo this portrait ever since because of some brilliant advice from Yuko Shimizu, who had told me there was nothing wrong with it BUT it could be a much stronger piece with some simple changes.  The original had him holding the rabbits feet, which could easily be photographed ( so why would you need to hire an illustrator ).  A simple change like having the feet floating solves that problem.

(Watercolor wash)

During the few games he played during the 2010-2011 NHL season he was racking up stats that were putting him on the path to a season that was up there with Gretzky and Lemieux's record breaking years. Late in 2010 he had scored a point in 25 straight games. Even while missing more than half of the season, he still finished the season tied for 14th in the league for the most goals.

He grew a "lucky" mustache to coincide his point streak.  I find sports superstitions to be incredibly entertaining because the subject matter is so vast and often pretty odd from an outside perspective.

PENS SIDE NOTE : I am still super thrilled every game day so expect some more portraits and illustrations.  I've got to say at this point Kris Letang has got to be my favorite player on the team. He plays incredible two way hockey, and right now with the lack of Crosby and Malkin's attendance being spotty, he's been the player to step up and put some spark into the team.  

I'm excited for the day they are back at full force, because even when people like Crosby and Malkin aren't scoring goals their playmaking ability, along with people like Letang and Sullivan, really help activate the rest of this great Pittsburgh team.

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