Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tim Thomas is going to get inside your head!

If anyone was fortunate enough to catch the Stanley Cup finals earlier this year, there was one player that was impossible not to notice.  The Boston netminder Tim Thomas was force of nature.  His aggressive unorthodox style was as exciting to watch as it was effective.

The Canucks had no idea how to handle him , it was easy to tell he had them psyched out through out the whole series.  That Psychological advantage along with his record breaking post season stats played a huge role in Boston's Stanley Cup win.

I personally enjoyed watching Thomas, it was hard not to watch him without being won over.

This will be the start of  the "everyone who's subscribed to this blog will be overwhelmed with hockey drawings" part of the year.  I've decided to try and do a quick drawing for each Pittsburgh Penguins Game this season and post it on here!

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