Sunday, May 29, 2011

Basketball Ink

I remember growing up seeing Dennis Rodman on TV in like 1995, was like witnessing a circus act.  Between all the tattooed the colorful hair and the piercings, Rodman really took the public by surprise.

Flash to 2011 and I've come to realize an incredibly large amount of professional basketball players are very heavily tattooed. Example: Lebron James, take a closer look instead of that zoomed out perspective most sports are watched in.  James actually has thousands of dollars of tattoos on him, even more than Rodman.

I guess this trend came along with all the of rappers and other musicians doing the same recently.  I just found it interesting that the trend silently slipped in, partly because of the lack of color work in the tattoos, which makes them less noticeable and well the lack of brightly colored hair probably helps too.


  1. there is definitely purple in this one.

  2. haha oh yeah I forgot. I never use it as a primary color anymore though it's always an after thought.